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Impact Theory University by Tom Bilyeu helps you reframe your thoughts, spot brilliant opportunities (in everything), change your perspective, and, ultimately, change your life in the process. 

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Wait... who the hell is Tom Bilyeu?

Hi. I’m
Tom. CEO and Co-founder here at Impact Theory. In a moment, I’ll tell you a little bit more about who I am. 

But first, I want to tell you how I became who I am... 

My first job was in a door factory at age 12. And, the work never ended when I got off my shift. I always had to put in another hour at home, tearing away dried lacquer and splinters from my skin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting paid for this overtime. 

I then worked in a paint factory where I’d climb inside huge vats and scrub them clean with industrial solvent and a brush so big you’d think it was made to clean a spacecraft. Still to this day, there is a part of me that worries what breathing in those fumes did to me... I’d like to think that it made me more creative.

Then, it was a gun range, where I nearly lost my leg when an idiot fired a shotgun too close for comfort. If Lady Luck wasn’t on my side that day, I’d still be picking buckshot out of my ass.

The door lacquering and the vat scrubbing and the buckshot dodging all came to an end when two guys gave me a shot as a copywriter at their company, which eventually lead us to co-found Quest Nutrition together a few years later. You may have heard of us.
We were the creators of those devilishly delicious and nutritious Quest Bars.

Anyway, together with my business partners, I scaled Quest from an idea to a billion-dollar brand pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year. To scale a brand that quickly and to that size, you have to scale yourself in the process. 

Impact Theory University
is a living-breathing library of mindset and business lessons, strategies and frameworks learned scrubbing vats, dodging buckshot, and, eventually, scaling both Quest and myself; lessons, strategies, and frameworks that I still use today as I’m building Impact Theory, brick by brick, into a multi-million dollar business that has already amassed a social ecosystem of over 6 million people with over 400 million video views across the internet.

But, money aside, running Impact Theory is the happiest and most successful I’ve ever felt. It has taught me that while money is wonderful, success is more about how you feel about yourself behind closed doors, when nobody is looking. 

Which, speaking of doors, in a strange way, I feel like my work at the door factory has come full-circle. I’m still creating doors. But, this time around, I’m creating them to be opened by people like you.
I hope to see you inside... and let's get to work!


– Tom Bilyeu

Does this sound painfully familiar?

You struggle with comparing yourself to others. Or, maybe, you struggle with comparing yourself to the person you dreamed you’d be by now. 

Regardless of the comparison game you’re playing, you know first hand the feeling of waking up and living a life you don’t feel is yours; living a life that feels not right for you. 

Having worked with thousands of students at Impact Theory University, we’ve discovered that “success” and living the life you’ve always dreamed of has nothing to do with intelligence nor ambition and everything to do with perspective and one’s ability to reframe their thoughts.

The impact in Impact Theory University.

At ITU, we create impact for our students through access... access to Tom Bilyeu each month, access to a thoughtfully-constructed curriculum, and access to a community of growth-oriented individuals you can lean on as you embark on your hero’s journey. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these... 


Live, action-packed coaching calls, with Tom himself.

Everyone’s journey is slightly different. And with this, so are the challenges we may encounter on our individual and/or business journeys. Tom offers 4 group coaching calls every single month so he has an opportunity to work with members, in real-time, and help you through the unique obstacles you may be struggling with. 



50+ courses designed to help you kick ass in life & business. 

Impact Theory University is a living-breathing library of 50+ courses that boast over 100 hours of lessons that cover everything from finding confidence and silencing imposter syndrome, to starting and growing a profitable business that allows you to live the life you want. 



Instant access to a thriving community of ambitious individuals gunning for the top.

After students have enrolled at Impact Theory University and have had the chance to get their feet (and their minds) wet, something we hear again and again is how much they cherish the exclusive community we’ve built here. The moment you enroll you get instant access to an A-team of entrepreneurs, dreamers, creatives, and top-performers to build impactful connections with.



You get the chance to see further, whilst standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton once said that he was able to see further because he was “standing on the shoulders of giants”. While Tom is perhaps a bit too humble to call himself a “giant”, he’ll be the first one to say that much of his success has come through deeply studying the greats that have come before him AND by actually doing the hands-in-the-dirt work himself. This, perhaps, is the wondrous opportunity you get in Impact Theory University. You get to learn from someone who has already done it (who is still doing it) and is ready to share everything he has learned.

Be wary of online courses selling empty promises.


You’re skeptical. You should be. There are a lot of online courses out there selling empty promises. Claiming to make you filthy rich and to transform your life overnight.

You’ll notice that nowhere on this page do we talk about making you rich and wildly successful. We don’t do this because this program (nor any program for that matter) functions like some magical elixir that you can drink and wake up the next morning a different person. 

That kind of transformation happens from within and requires work

With that said, we are confident the beliefs, philosophies, strategies, and frameworks we teach here at ITU will give you guidance and a fighting chance in your journey towards your grand ambitions.

In fact, if you enroll and decide the course isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime... and, if you really hate it, let us know within 30 days and we will refund ALL of your money.

Nothing to lose and a new paradigm to gain.

Our members can’t get enough of ITU...

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"ITU Is the one place for learning where I know there will be no fluff to cut through.”
April MacLean, Founder at Infuse Dance Studio.

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“Classes taught from the Jedi Master himself, Tom Bilyeu, provide valuable, actionable insights that have helped me make systemic changes in my business.”
Rish Sharma, CEO at Mallama Skincare.

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"I’ll have to watch this at least five more times! The way Tom explains things with so much energy... I’m learning a lot here, and I am grateful for everything!"
Gabriel De Salles Ribeiro.

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“One year into this... not only are we surviving the pandemic, we are in a prime position for incredible growth.” 
Jacob Limmer, Owner at Cottonwood Coffee.

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“Powerful, thoughtful, & worth every penny! ITU has made it possible for me to stay strong for my patients, my healthcare colleagues and my family.”
Ayan Said, Registered Nurse.

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“ITU has given me the tools to become a more driven person. I'm much more comfortable chasing my goals and tackling problems which I used to think was impossible.” 
Kevin Loss.

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“The live calls with Tom and the group are insanely valuable – problem-solving in real time when I need it the most!” 
Eva Choi, CEO at The Chocolate Lab.

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“The quality of the coaching and community is unlike anything I have experienced before.”
JP McCorley, CTO at Obbi.

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