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We want to make sure that your time at ITU makes you one of the many students who have shared how ITU has changed their lives!  As part of this mission, we’ve created an ambassador team of “superstar” students available to help you connect with the community and make most of your time with us. 

The ITU Team,

Tom, Amy, Will, Ambra


Meet the Student Ambassadors!

Student ambassadors are seasoned ITU students who generously volunteer their time to help provide a smooth experience for new students by serving as an ‘inside’ resource to ITU. They can help answer questions about where to start, how to connect with small groups, and different ways to engage with the course content and community at large!  In short, they know their way around this place! 

You can connect with an Ambassador at any point - even if you’ve been with us awhile! Check out the bios of our awesome ambassadors below and reach out! They’d love to hear from you!

NOTE: If you have questions about membership or need account support, please reach out to [email protected] 

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We are committed to making ITU a welcoming place for all of our students. A reminder that ITU Ambassadors are your peers. By participating in the ambassador program, you agree you will not engage in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior relating to the ambassador or ITU and you agree to tell ITU immediately if your ambassador (or anyone else related to ITU) has engaged in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior, including, without limitation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, or invasion of privacy. The contact for all such concerns is [email protected]. If for some reason you are not comfortable sharing the information with that contact, you can alternatively email [email protected].

Jonathon Dugan

The Meditation King

Learn about Jonathon

Mary Hollis

Child Care Genius

Learn about Mary

Nathan Jenkins

The Businessman

Learn about Nathan

Kevin Loss

The Tech Guy

Learn about Kevin

Nathan Nguyen Luu

The Connector

Learn about Nathan

April Maclean

Dance Boss

Learn about April

JP McCorley

Your Sounding Board

Learn about JP

Ricky Mendez

Master of Events

Learn about Ricky

Sam Montoya

The Coach

Learn about Sam

Ann Morgester

Not Your Average Librarian

Learn about Ann

Ono Northey

The Beast Of An Author

Learn about Ono

Aija Reke

The Violinist

Learn about Aija

Jonathon Dugan


Hey what’s up friends! Welcome to this amazing community of world changers! I’m Jonathon Dugan, a Life Coach and Meditation Instructor. My mission is to help people go from being a victim to becoming The Hero of their own life by having awareness, and developing their inner powers! 

Like most of you, Impact Theory completely changed the direction of my life shortly after discovering Tom’s content and diving deep into his guest’s content. ITU is the next level for your personal growth! You have all of the resources you need here at your finger tips, but keep in mind, this will only work for you if you actually, DO THE WORK! Don’t just use this platform for spiritual entertainment! To get the most out of ITU, connect and jump into different groups to find the tribe you align with the most :) 

If there is anything that I can do to assist you with along your journey, please let me know! Support is abundant in this culture!

Contact Jonathon

Mary Hollis

Welcome to ITU and brace yourself for the knowledge and community that will guide on your way to clarity and growth in whatever your area of expertise may be! I’m Mary Hollis and I’ve been with ITU since day one and it’s the most impactful tool that helped my struggling business grow and thrive even through pandemic times.

I’ve owned and operated a short-term child care facility in the northern Virginia/DC area for the past four years and am currently developing a platform to teach children growth-mindset at scale.

When I’m not working, I enjoy playing games with my two young kids, practicing foreign languages, and brushing up on my salsa dancing.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and good luck with all of your endeavors. 

Contact Mary

Nathan Jenkins

Welcome to Impact Theory University, it’s great that you’re here and I look forward to interacting with a lot of you! 

My name is Nathan and I’m from the UK. I’ve been at ITU since it launched in July 2019 and for me it gets better and more exciting with each month that passes. 

This course and community is a place where you will experience accelerated growth when you’re winning and strong support when you’re struggling.

I’ve had many different investment and business interests in the last few years, most notably a startup business in the modular building industry which I currently operate. We’re growing fast and it’s an exciting journey. (www.modularmanagementltd.co.uk)

Away from the career/business stuff, I love being active and outdoors; hiking, running (I have my first marathon in 2021!), jet-skiing, boating, travelling, poker and much more. I also like to read, eat clean & healthy, and love all things related to personal development.

My daily drive is to become the very best version of myself and living to my full potential.

Feel free to reach out to me for support or socially. Growth mindset always!

Contact Nathan

Kevin Loss

Welcome to Impact Theory University. You are about to embark on a journey that will lead you to phenomenal growth and success. I found Impact Theory about 3 years ago. Impact Theory was a catalyst that led me through a series of changes in my life. I’ve strengthened my mental and emotional health, gotten in better physical shape, branched out of my safe zone, and achieved things I did not believe that I could accomplish.

I have been working in the technology field for the last 15 years. I enjoy learning about automation and teach my business partners how to utilize continuous process improvement process techniques. I love traveling to new lands and hiking. I've lived all over the states, literally from California to Florida. I've been able to hike the trails, make new friends, and visit new countries.

I'm currently enrolled in both the Mindset and Business tracks with Impact Theory University and I am a social media moderator of the Impact Theory League fanbase on Facebook. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about Impact Theory University!

Contact Kevin

Nathan Nguyen Luu

I'm currently the Innovation Community Manager of the Motor Trades Association of Queensland, Australia. Being a part of ITU has helped me to hone my craft, to “think globally” and “act locally.”

My biggest take-away from ITU is a model of the Future Work, The Future of Education and The Future of Socialization! The pure meaning to the term "Co-Elevation, we will go higher together" (from Keith Ferrazzi's new book "Leading Without Authority: Why You Don’t Need To Be In Charge to Inspire Others and Make Change Happen.”)

ITU by far has the most engaged Cohort of Membership that I belong to and have found it a fruitful place to host small and extremely effective groups! It has allowed me to form deep connection and friendships with like-minded people from all over the world.

If you're interested in creating a new Accountability Group and not sure where to start, I can help!

Contact Nathan

April Maclean


Hi friends! Welcome to the magic that is Impact Theory University. My name is April MacLean. I am a book/dog/Seinfeld/90s hip hop aficionado based in Southern California.

For the past fifteen years, I have been dancing and choreographing while running a business. My interest is in bridging the gap between art and everything else. It intersects with science, psychology, and business, but tends to be siloed.

I facilitated large scale events and marketing for companies like Sony Music and Starbucks. Being in the trenches and running my own business has taught me how valuable it is to surround myself with people who will challenge and push my thinking. ITU is a great example of “Iron Sharpens Iron."

I am most impacted by the things that Tom has taught about Animus. My animus is loneliness. Any human that feels alone in a world in which billions of us are more alike wrecks my spirit. Most of my excitement lies around human connection.

Contact April

JP McCorley

Welcome to Impact Theory University! It’s great to have you on-board! If you’re interested in personal and professional growth you’re in the right place!

I first came across Tom on Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery Podcast in 2016. I can honestly say that my personal and professional life has improved exponentially since then.

Creating things is my buzz. I make a living by taking ideas and sculpting them into things that resonate strongly with people. I have an amazing wife and two beautiful kids. My passions are personal development, technology, and music. My days are spent building high growth technology companies and composing or performing music.

ITU is a community like no other – the more your put in, the more you will get out! Get involved, post questions, and seek the help you need! I look forward to meeting you!

Contact JP

Ricky Mendez

Welcome and Congratulations! ITU can change your life, it certainly did mine. 

 Tom, Lisa and the entire ITU staff have taught me to think bigger and have shown me the steps to take. A couple of the things I look at everyday from ITU are: Where do I want to go? What's the price I'm willing to pay to get there? Get so good that people cannot ignore and that people before me have done it.

 This foundation of inspiration with implementation has led me to speaking all over the world and consulting with billion dollar companies like Costco and lululemon, but also the solopreneur. Regardless of the purpose or scale, I am committed to being the learner and helping others the way Tom and ITU have helped me. I believe this is what leads to progress and making the world a better and Awesome place. 

Personally, my vision is to help solve the world's happiness problem. I live at the beach in LA, love anything outdoors and own several businesses that have started to thrive during Covid thanks to ITU. I think your ITU journey is simply a matter of engagement and persistent implementation. Embrace the journey and it's a win. All the best and reach out anytime!

Contact Ricky

Sam Montoya

Welcome to Impact Theory University and I’m stoked that you’re here! I’m Sam Montoya and I’ve been in the Impact Theory University program since its inception (it was my birthday gift to myself). 

I’ve been implementing Tom’s content since the Quest days and Impact Theory University amplified those results exponentially. Implementing the content in ITU has helped me land a dream job, find the woman of my dreams who I am engaged to, a coaching practice that brings a lot of fulfillment, and an amazing group of friends. I look forward to helping those in the community not only see their potential, but help them realize it. 

Contact Sam

Ann Morgester

Welcome to Impact Theory University and your Growth Mindset Journey!! My name is Ann Morgester. I am a lifelong Alaskan and I joined ITU in its first month and I have benefited so much from taking consistent action on Tom’s classes. 

I recently retired after 26 years in education and am pursuing my creative passions in knitting, fiber arts, reading everything, writing and health. 

As an information super ninja (AKA: Librarian) and teacher I know the importance of continued self discovery, learning and growth throughout life. I am so excited that you have committed to improving your mindset and learning through this fabulous and dynamic community. I am available to help you navigate the ITU experience. Reach out if I can assist in any way.

Contact Ann

Ono Northey

What’s up ITU!?  My name is Ono!  I share Tom’s vision for upgrading the collective mindset of the planet via providing massively entertaining stories infused with tactical & actionable self-development tools, and have been a raving fan of his since “Inside Quest”.  

I’m extremely passionate about self-development, and have an addiction for facilitating that beautiful moment in a person’s soul when they transition from “I can’t” to “I just did”.

I’ve fed that addiction by teaching martial arts for 30 years, as well as writing both self development books and mindsettertainment novels.

I run the monthly No Bullshit, What Would it Take Brainstorming Sessions, as well as Impact Storytellers and Impact Investors chat rooms (message me to be added to those)

Contact Ono

Aija Reke


Interests: Music, reading, education, sports, yoga, diet

Aija performed as a soloist and chamber musician in 13 countries. She performs regularly with Boston Modern Orchestra and Odyssey Opera, and released her first publication under Edition Peters and Musica Baltica in 2019. She is an Artistic Director of the High Street Concert Series. She appeared on Latvian National radio channels 1 and 3 among other national and international media.

She advocates self growth and personal development and is a student ambassador at Impact Theory University with Tom Bilyeu, takes training at HPX with Brendon Burchard and completed Unleash the Power Within Virtual 2020 with Tony Robbins, loves Wim Hof Method, lifts weights, trains in yoga and reads a book every week.

Life goals: create a positive impact in education through high performance practices, build and create growth mindset schools and communities, create scholarships for talented students in Baltic States and build infrastructure in rural Latvia.

Contact Aija
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We are committed to making ITU a welcoming place for all of our students. A reminder that ITU Ambassadors are your peers. By participating in the ambassador program, you agree you will not engage in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior relating to the ambassador or ITU and you agree to tell ITU immediately if your ambassador (or anyone else related to ITU) has engaged in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior, including, without limitation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, or invasion of privacy.  The contact for all such concerns is [email protected] If for some reason you are not comfortable sharing the information with that contact, you can alternatively email [email protected]