Frequently Asked Questions


Where Do I Start?

Check out the Welcome - Start Here! area at the top of your library, in both the Mindset and Business tracks. You’ll see a welcome video from Tom, plus details about various things that we offer at ITU.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the site and reviewed all the questions below, mark your calendar for upcoming events and join the Facebook Group. Take a few minutes to bookmark your links, download the app (search your app store for “kajabi”), and reserve time in your schedule. 

The Facebook Groups, the ITU Website Community Board, and of course the ITU team ([email protected]), are all here to support you on your journey!

If you’ve joined the Mindset Track, the content is laid out in order and grouped together by topical “Phases” We recommend moving through each Phase in order and taking immediate action to get the full benefit of our classes. 

If you’ve joined the Business Track, all of the content is available for you to learn based on the subject most pertinent to your business today.

Just joined? You’ll notice that we host a new Live Class and Office Hours Q&A session based on a different topic each month. You're welcome to join and be involved at whatever level you desire, but it may be most helpful to start with Phase 1 and work your way up, so that more advanced material makes sense.  Note - the most recent live classes will be posted up top under “Most Recent Class”, and will then be placed under the last Phase in chronological order. 

Most importantly, ITU is all about implementation, so don’t rush through the content - make sure to take action. Our most successful students are our most engaged students.


Where Can I Download the Impact Theory Belief System?

Tom often refers to this throughout the Mindset Track. Article and PDF.


How Do I Reset/Change My Password?

Reset your password easily using the “forgot password” button under the sign-in box on the sign-in page. Click the LINK here to go to the sign-in page.


How Do I Join the Facebook Group?

To join our private Facebook Group, first log in to your Facebook account and then request membership using the links below. The Facebook Groups are limited to our paying ITU students, so we kindly ask you to complete a few questions and include the email address you used to sign up for ITU because that’s how we can verify you are a student.

Note: Your request can take up to 24 hours to be accepted or declined. If you were declined in error, please make sure that you’ve completed the Facebook request questions.

We take weekends off but always make sure to allow new students into the group before Live Classes or Office Hours. However, if your request is very last minute there’s a chance you won’t be accepted in time for the live stream. 

Make sure you allow enough time in advance of the Live Class and Office Hours Q&A to be admitted to the Facebook groups.  If your request is too last minute, there’s a chance...

Mindset Track Facebook Group 

Business Track Facebook Group 


How Do I Join the ITU Book Club?

The Book Club is a student-led endeavor that happens every month.  Each month, we select a new book relevant to each track.  A student volunteers to “host” the event via Zoom around a date/time that works for them, providing relevant discussion questions for the group.

Check out the Facebook Group Announcement Page to see what’s on the horizon and leave a comment if you’d like to participate! Or, if you are not active in the Facebook Group, make sure to open your email ITU newsletters for updates.  Keep an eye on the ITU Calendar - all students are invited! 

To see what books have already been discussed, find the Book Club thumbnail in your ITU Library.

Mindset Book Club

Business Book Club

Tom’s Reading List


How Do I Connect With Other Students?

The most effective way to connect with other students or find an accountability partner/group is to join our highly active and engaged Facebook Group. You can also post on the ITU Discussion Board, but be aware that students are currently more active on Facebook vs. our website. 

We also have a volunteer Student Ambassador program at ITU which is an opportunity to get acquainted with a more seasoned student. Learn more about your Student Ambassadors.

ITU is all about implementation, so we also encourage you to find and join an Accountability Group (or two!) This has been a huge contributor to the our most successful student journeys as it provides feedback, motivation, shared thoughts and practices. Simply knowing someone else is out there cheering you on is sometimes all you need to get to the next level. Find an Accountability Group here.

What Happens if I Miss the LIVE Class/Coaching and Q&A Office Hours?

Tom’s Live broadcasts are scheduled as early as possible Pacific Time so that as many of our global ITU students can join as possible. Still, if you can’t make it due to time zones or other constraints, the replay of our lives will stay up within the Facebook Group for a few days, until they are uploaded to your ITU Library under “Most Recent Class.”


Where Can I Find the Schedule?

ITU Classes, Book Clubs, and other events will be listed in the ITU Calendar as soon as they are scheduled. The ITU Calendar contains all events for both the Mindset and Business Tracks, so just click open the event posting that your subscription permits, and inside you’ll see links for Google, Outlook, and iCal calendars. Use those links to export directly into your personal calendar so that you’ll never miss out! 


When Does ITU Finish?

ITU is an ongoing, subscription-based model that allows you full access to Tom’s new live classes every month, as well as ALL of the previous unlocked classes and workbooks in your library and ITU community groups. When you cancel, your account is deactivated and you lose access to everything. 


What if I want to change my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time, to include Business or Mindset (if you originally signed up with only one) or to change to only Mindset or Business (if you signed up for the Bundle.) If you signed up with Monthly, you can change to Annual, or Annual to Monthly. Just let us know! Send us an email at [email protected]


What If I Want to Cancel?

If you've decided that ITU is not for you, you can cancel your subscription by emailing [email protected]. NOTE: When you cancel your subscription you cancel your access to the website, including all previous classes. You should hear back with a confirmation of your request within 24-72 hours.


What If I Want a Refund?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with ITU, we offer a money-back guarantee and will refund you whatever price you paid for that month. 

If you purchased the yearly subscription, we will prorate your refund so you’re not on the hook for the remainder of the year. Just send us an email at [email protected]