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Student ambassadors are seasoned ITU students who generously volunteer their time to help provide a smooth experience for new students by serving as an ‘inside’ resource to ITU. They can help answer questions about where to start, how to connect with small groups, and different ways to engage with the course content and community at large!  In short, they know their way around this place! You can find their bios here!

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IMPORTANT: We are committed to making ITU a welcoming place for all of our students. A reminder that ITU Ambassadors are your peers. By participating in the ambassador program, you agree you will not engage in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior relating to the ambassador or ITU and you agree to tell ITU immediately if your ambassador (or anyone else related to ITU) has engaged in any inappropriate (or illegal) behavior, including, without limitation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, or invasion of privacy. The contact for all such concerns is [email protected] If for some reason you are not comfortable sharing the information with that contact, you can alternatively email [email protected]